Dental Patient Information – Clifton, NJ

Getting Ready for Your Visit

Your visit to Allwood Family Dentistry shouldn’t be stressful; we pride ourselves in being accessible, and you should never feel like your appointment is a chore. If there’s anything you need, go ahead and let our team know so that they can help! You can start preparing for your first visit right now by reading the guide below; it covers the basics of your first appointment and your financial options. Give us a call if you’d like more information.

Your First Dental Visit

We typically spend the first visit getting to know you better and familiarizing yourself with your mouth as well as your oral health history. Once you’re called back to our treatment area, you can make yourself comfortable while we examine and clean your smile. We’ll let you know about any concerning findings we make, and we’ll explain the available treatment options as thoroughly as possible so that you can make smart, fully informed decisions about your care moving forward.


Patient Forms

You’ll need to fill out a few forms before we can begin your first visit. We need these forms to ensure that we have your insurance information and relevant health history on hand; this information is necessary if we’re to give you the best possible care in the future. We’ve tried to make our forms as easy to understand as possible, but if you have questions or aren’t sure how to fill out certain sections, our team is always happy to help.

Download Our Patient Forms


Dental Insurance

Our practice welcomes dental insurance and is in-network with many different providers. We know that many of our patients find their insurance plans confusing, which is why we’re more than happy to help explain their benefits to them as well as handle the process of filing claims. We recommend that you call us with your insurance information before you schedule an appointment so that you can confirm the kind of coverage you can expect to receive under your current plan.

Learn More About Dental Insurance


Dental Financing

Dental financing can make the cost of checkups and other essential dental services easier to manage by breaking them up into a series of monthly installments. This way, you can still afford dental care even if you don’t have insurance or if your coverage isn’t enough for a given procedure. Our office can help you apply for a dental financing plan and answer any questions you may have about how the process works.

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